A Night to Remember: Melinda’s 50th at Bacchanalia

 As I stepped into the private dining room of Bacchanalia, the Michelin Star gem of Atlanta, Georgia, I knew we were in for an unforgettable evening. Celebrating Melinda’s 50th birthday, we were about to embark on a culinary journey that promised to tantalize our taste buds and leave us with memories to cherish.

The Prelude: An Amuse Bouche

Our experience began with an amuse bouche, a delightful teaser that set the stage for the gastronomic performance to follow. It was a small gesture that spoke volumes about the attention to detail and the exquisite dining experience that awaited us.


First Act: Foie Gras Terrine

The first course was a masterpiece – Foie Gras Terrine with rhubarb, pecan, granola, and cherry. The foie gras, whipped into a delicate mousse and topped with a rhubarb gelée, was a symphony of flavors. Each bite was a harmonious blend of savory and sweet, a testament to the chef’s artistry.

Intermezzo: Pate a Choux

Following the first course, we were presented with pate a choux accompanied by a white cheddar dipping sauce. This interlude was the perfect bite, a savory treat that prepared us for the next course.

Second Act: Dry Aged NY Strip

The second course featured a Dry Aged NY Strip with bone marrow, potato, and horseradish. The steak was tender, each slice a testament to the quality of the meat and the skill of the chef. Accompanied by a rectangular, perfectly crispy hashbrown, it was a dish that combined texture and taste to great effect.

Third Act: Red Cow Parmigiano

The third course was nothing short of dynamic – Red Cow Parmigiano with date and black garlic. Served with a date spread, the cheese course was a bold statement of flavors, each mouthful more compelling than the last.


Final Act: Georgia Peach

For the finale, the Georgia Peach dessert with caramel corn and corn semi-freddo was served. In the Peach State, it was only fitting to end with a peach-themed dessert. Brûléed to perfection, the peach was paired with a pastry that was both buttery and flaky, a sweet end to a remarkable meal.


At $125, this four-course Prix Fixe dining experience felt like a steal, a price that belied the richness of the experience and the quality of the food.


Bacchanalia is located at 1460 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA, 303181, a destination that stands as a beacon of fine dining in Atlanta. If you ever find yourself in the area, do not miss the chance to dine at this culinary haven.

Disclaimer: The details mentioned in this blog post are based on personal experience and are subject to change. Please visit Bacchanalia’s official website for the most up-to-date information.1


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  • Bacchanalia delivered an extraordinary dining experience, and I’m already looking forward to my next visit. Kudos to the chef and the entire team for creating such a memorable evening!

    Melinda Hansbury

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